Olive oil has always been considered a highly distinctive cultural, historical and social element of many Mediterranean peoples. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew the methods of extracting oil from olives, and used it not only for food, but also for medicinal and sacred uses. The temperate climate characterized by hot summers and winters not too rainy, make the Mediterranean the ideal region for olives growing. Puglia, with its 350,000 hectares of olive trees, is now the most Italian olive-growing region. Alone contributes about 35% of the entire national production.

At Luna Lama the olive trees paint the landscape in a decisive way; to grow they need water, sune and very deep stony soils and the Murgia hills represent the geographic area ideal for olive growing. The extra virgin olive oil of Lama di Luna is obtained by cold pressing of the olives harvested from our 13,000 olive trees, grown according to organic farming principles, respecting the environment, the nature and the countryside. The secret of our oil is the attention, the love and the passion with which it is produced. The olives are picked by hand, they are pressed within twenty-four hours from the harvest, to prevent external agents from damaging the fruit and to guarantee a high level of quality and a high content of antioxidants. Ours is an organic extra virgin olive oil that comes from a balanced blend expertly created by the mixture of four different cultivars: "Leccino", "Carolea" varieties, "Frantoio" characterized by a medium-light fruity flavor and a delicate taste with hints of grass, almonds and white fruit, and variety "Coratina", with a fruity olive oil aroma and slightly bitter spicy taste, due to a high presence of polyphenols and antioxidants. In this way the right balance between sweet and sour, fruity and spicy is reached.