"Lama di Luna is the home where, in addition to living with Agata and my children Agostino & Stefano, as well as reaping the fruits that nature and our work give us, including cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, geese, ducks, barn owls and sparrows, hospitality is given to all those who wish to share the magical sensations that this corner of Murgia gives us in everyday life, as if they were settlers, paid for their day at "Lama di Luna".

Pietro Petroni

Blade as valley

Moon as woman, land, fertility

The idea

Its name was not born by chance, it was born from the painstaking search to identify and restore man to his natural cycles as a human being belonging to mother earth and the universe, thus 'moon blade' or blade as valley and moon as an element closely connected with the earth, to its cycles of sowing and harvesting and life where man is included as a being belonging to the whole. 18th-century farmhouse inhabited by Settlers and Mezzadri, now restored in three years of painstaking work, with bio-architecture and feng-shui in full respect of the place and its history, immersed in 210 hectares of natural landscape, olive groves, cherry orchards, almond groves and vineyards, all organically cultivated and certified by AIAB-ICEA.

The guest rooms, once settlers' dwellings, spacious and bright, all with fireplaces, overlook the inner courtyard and are equipped with hot water and heating supplied by 48 solar panels, electricity created by 400 photovoltaic panels, and beds made of solid pine and olive wood or brass from the 1800s, with natural latex mattresses, raw cotton sheets and towels, terra cotta sinks, and olive oil soaps; every detail has been meticulously designed to let the energy circulate and for you to feel the flavor of the past in these rooms.

In full respect of the original structure and our great rural building traditions, the masseria has been renovated with mortars and natural materials, with the total reuse of the materials already present, old boards, bricks, fixtures from the 1800s and other materials such as the same red or yellow earth. The beds are positioned to the north and sharp edges give way to round edges, because in nature everything is round, everything is harmony and everything returns to the whole. Its forty chimneys, its scattered trulli and its cave alone tell the story of the people who have lived, worked, rested in this magical place with its infinite panorama.