Restaurant "the veranda"

Our restaurant, reserved for guests staying overnight at Lama di Luna, is located in the summer on the veranda overlooking the endless space of the Murgia, filled with tidy vineyards and millions of olive trees, and in the less warm months in the adjoining room where a large fireplace warms the room. With vegetables from our garden, fruit from our trees, eggs from our chickens and typical products of our land, our cook prepares traditional Apulian dishes that give Lama di Luna guests a taste of true local cuisine.

The Pool

With six hundred-year-old olive trees as shady sentinels, our infinite pool overlooks the lush Apulian plain. Diving into the pool water and sky unite, and swallows, punctual guests of Lama di Luna dive in to water themselves before a long journey. Reading a book at sunset The silence of the wind from the ground frames a masterpiece, which with different colors every day, remains the most awaited spectacle for all of us.

The Library

Thanks to a collection of more than two thousand books, with the oldest dating back to the 1500s, the Lama di Luna library is the ideal place to sit and read in silence. The beauty of these old books, and the scent of their old pages create a special atmosphere. Time seems to stand still. And in winter with the fireplace lit, one no longer feels like going out of there, but would just like to remain comfortable in the armchair watching the fire vibrate.

The Cinema

A large multi-purpose hall of one hundred square meters with a sound system and HD projection on a screen measuring 4x2.2 meters, which in addition to being the cinema where Italian art films are shown every evening, is a hall adaptable to various occasions. In fact, the hall can be set up for events, corporate meetings and conventions upon request.


At Lama di Luna it is possible to organize private events, including photo shoots, corporate meetings, courses of different kinds and weddings. Weddings, in particular, can be arranged upon reservation of the entire farmhouse for two consecutive nights. For more information please contact us.


Among the activities that can be done at Lama di Luna are mountain bike rentals, tastings of local products such as extra virgin olive oil and wine, and guided excursions to Castel del Monte and other natural and archaeological sites in the area. It is also possible, upon request, to have massage sessions.


Horseback riding


Lama di Luna is located on the edge of the Alta Murgia National Park in an area rich in natural beauty. Frederick II of Swabia left us several castles, one of the most beautiful being the Castel del Monte located a few kilometres from the Biomasseria. In the historical centres of Andria, Minervino, Molfetta, one gets lost in tiny streets and then comes across cathedrals towering with their bell towers. Trani captivates with its cathedral by the sea and one of the most beautiful ports in Italy. If you go a little further back in time, you reach the second, third century B.C., when Canosa was an outpost of the Roman Empire, and saw the Romans defeated at Canne della Battaglia by Hannibal. Today, vases found in Roman tombs tell us about that era. With half-day or one-day itineraries, you have the opportunity to see all these things, without straying too far from Lama di Luna.